You don’t have to find room in your budget to use GivApp as your primary fundraising platform.

That’s because we’ve built GivApp to be accessible to all churches and Christ-centered nonprofits, big or small.

Our pricing structure couldn’t be more simple:

  • No Sign-up fees!
  • No Subscription fees!
  • No Monthly fees!
  • No Annual fees!
  • No cancelation fees!

GivApp stays in business by keeping a portion of each transaction fee. Our transaction fees are 2.9% + .30¢ per transaction. You’ll find that is pretty much the industry standard. However, GivApp has arranged to get paid from this fee. That way you don’t have to worry about finding extra funds to use our platform.

GivApp also keeps 5% on all Spare Change donations. This fee does not apply to One-time, Recurring or Micro Donations.

That’s it! No sign up fees. No monthly or annual fees.

Even if you’re currently using another platform, with fees like this, there is no reason to not take advantage of the GivApp platform as well.

We want to help your organization because successful in fulfilling your mission.

Join the fastest growing marketplace of churches & Christ-centered nonprofits!

No subscription fees, no sign-up fees, no monthly or annual fees and no cancellation fees. Fill out this form to learn more about how your church or nonprofit can begin using GivApp today. Someone from our team will follow-up with you.