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GivApp makes it easy to Giv to your church and favorite Christ-centered nonprofits.

Debit + Credit Card

Link any account you want. GivApp is linked with every bank, credit union and credit card in the USA, that’s over 11,500 institutions.

Super Simple Setup

Download the app, link your account and choose how to giv.

World Class Security

Facebook, Amazon and Lyft all use the same payment processor that we do. Your security is our priority.

Tax Deductible

The money you Giv through the app is tax deductible.

Beautiful Reports

Inside of GivApp you’ll see all of your giving in simple terms. Check your monthly round-ups, one-time Givs, manage recurring Givs, and view charts.

iOS & Android

We are available no matter what device you are carrying.

Connect your money to their mission.

Whether giving one-time, on a recurring basis, or giving the spare change from your monthly bank or credit card transactions, GivApp makes it quick and easy. Join with others in helping your church and favorite Christ-centered nonprofits make a bigger impact.

Connect their money to your mission.

GivApp provides a NEW stream of funding and ongoing financial support. Your members and donors can Giv the spare change from their monthly credit/debit transactions directly to your organization. We also make it super easy to Giv one-time and recurring donations!

Become a GivApp Nonprofit

By partnering with GivApp you’ll raise more funds for your organization, communicate easily and effectively with givers, and as a result, make a greater impact. To learn more about how your nonprofit can begin using GivApp, apply below.