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GivApp makes giving safe, fast and simple for your donors and provides NEW streams of funding and ongoing financial support for your organization! Join the GivApp Marketplace for free!

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  • New Money

    Open the door to a NEW stream of funding. Create fundraising campaigns, access invoicing capabilities & more.


  • Communicate Better

    Communicate directly with your donors in the app. Publish stories, updates and more on the GivApp Bridge.

  • Actionable Data

    The GivApp Dashboard gives you access to donations, donor activity, capital campaign creation, reports, invoicing & more!


More than a single product, GivApp is…

iOS & Android App

GivApp’s mobile app allows donors to give to any organization in the GivApp Marketplace. The app is free to download and a pleasure to use.

Online Giving

Branded online giving pages allow you to reach donors purposefully and instantly. With Deep Linking Technology and QR Codes, donors can access your giving page, fundraising campaigns and line items quickly and safely.

The GivApp Dashboard

The Dashboard is GivApp's enterprise software. With reporting, quick stats and more, The Dashboard is a reporting, communication and fundraising platform combined into a single, powerful tool.


Learn more about GivApp features

Multiple Ways
to Give

  • Spare change giving per month
  • One Time giving in any amount
  • Recurring giving on any day of the month
  • Micro giving ($1, $5, $10)

Donor Management
System (coming soon)

  • Instant donor search anywhere in the DMS
  • Access info from any page with Modal View
  • Notes - keep detailed correspondence notes
  • Activity History access detailed donor history

Detailed Donation

  • At-a-glance summaries of giving stats
  • Payouts - Detailed bank deposit breakdowns
  • Track fundraising campaigns and line items
  • Invoicing - Create, track and close invoices (coming soon)

Direct Communication to
Donors and Fans

  • Send quick in-app messages
  • Publish stories to donors and fans
  • Customizable pages in mobile app
  • Post videos on your app page

Campaigns &
Line Item Giving

  • Create custom fundraising campaigns
  • Set campaign Begin and End dates
  • Track campaign progress along the way
  • Add Line Items for donations

World Class
Payment Security

  • Your security is our priority
  • Link any account or card you want
  • Access to over 10,000 financial institutions
  • We use same payment processor as Amazon

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