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Connect their money to your mission.

Join the fastest growing marketspace of churches and Christ-centered nonprofits. GivApp makes giving safe, fast and simple for your donors and provides NEW streams of funding and ongoing financial support for your organization!

  • Spare Change: The average person has $25 a month in ‘spare change’. Enable your donors to Giv their monthly spare change to your organization. 
  • One-time: Whether giving their tithe or making a one-time donation at an event or giving to a specific program or ministry, give your donors the speed, safety and convenience they have come to expect with GivApp. 
  • Recurring: Help your donors organize all their recurring gifts in one place. GivApp makes it easy for your donors to setup donations to multiple organizations from a single app. Your donors are here. Make sure your organization is! 
  • Online Giving: GivApp provides your organization with a custom online giving page allowing your donors to make their one-time and recurring gifts to your general fund or to any line items you choose to establish. 
  • Point of Sale:: GivApp can provide your organization with Credit Card readers for fundraisers and annual Galas, making it super easy and safe for your donors to Giv at your most important fundraising events!

Connect your mission to their money.

We know the power of clear communication. That’s why we’ve built GivApp to help you communicate directly with your GivApp members and donors.

1. Find Money

GivApp opens the door to a NEW stream of funding from your members and donors. It also provides a cutting edge platform that makes it easier to attract new givers. With GivApp you’ll achieve a new stream of financial support from both existing and new relationships.

2. Communicate Better

At GivApp we know communication is vital. That’s why we’ve built GivApp to allow churches and non-profits to communicate directly with their givers through the app. When your organization uses GivApp you’ll have your own website that enables you to send thank you’s, congratulations, announcements and any other helpful messages you want to communicate with your givers.

3. Actionable Data

GivApp has made it easy to access reports and data about all the change GivApp is making for your organization. Through your organization’s GivApp website you will have the information you need to continue to grow your organization and expand its impact.

Become a GivApp Nonprofit

By partnering with GivApp you’ll raise more funds for your organization, communicate easily and effectively with givers, and as a result, make a greater impact. To learn more about how your nonprofit can begin using GivApp, apply below.