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The GivApp platform consists of three main products: an iOS and Android app for donors; online giving and The Dashboard — a reporting, communication and fundraising tool — for organizations.

iOS & Android App


GivApp provides multiple ways for donors to give. The GivApp “marketplace” enables donors to give to their church and all their favorite Christ-centered nonprofits.

One time

One time givs on GivApp are faster and safer than writing checks, online giving or text to give.


Easily turn a one-time giv into a recurring giv with the switch of a toggle.

Spare change

Spare change givs provide a new source of funding and reach an opportunity to reach a new donor demographic.

Two-Tap micro

Micro givs are an innovate way for donors to react to your mission or stories with an easy giv. Many micro givs can add up to big dollars.

Cover fees

Donors have the option to cover transaction fees for any type of giv for any donation. This means your organization receives 100% of the donation.

Line item giving

Whether raising support for going to the mission field, creating a new program or building a new building, there is no limit to this feature.

No restrictions

Donors can give any way they choose to as many organizations as they want.


Set recurring payments for as many days per month as preferred – 
weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc.


Donors receive emailed receipts after each donation (and full records are also accessible inside the app).

Native pay options

Donors can give by Apple Pay or Google Pay to approved organizations

Online giving connection

User accounts are authenticated with online giving making it easy for donors to access your org through the app or online.


Insights for donors

Track giving

Donors can keep track of giving through the “Activity” screen.


Activity screen breaks down giving by type, date and organization.

Tax records

Access to tax documents through the app.


Donors earn custom patches designed by local artists as they achieve giving milestones.

Keep records

Donors can sort donations by date and type.

Manage payment methods

Donors can add, change & delete payment methods within the app.

Donor Relations

Through The Dashboard stay connected to your existing donors 
& find new donors

Organization pages

Dedicated organization page where churches and nonprofits can share their story with current and potential donors.

Direct links

QR Codes provide donors fast and secure access to your organization.


Donors can “Favorite” organizations for direct, fast future access to your organization.


Keep donors and fans up to date, share stories and resources directly with donors through the “Bridge”.


Thank donors, provide quick messaging, reminders etc, directly to donors through in-app notifications.


Donors can search for organizations by keywords, categories or name.

Online Giving

Users who prefer giving online, or who haven’t downloaded the app can still easily donate through your organization’s website.

User authentication

User accounts are authenticated with the app

Multiple payment types

Allows for One-time and Recurring payments

Flexible donation schedule

Donors can set recurring payments for as many days per month as they prefer – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc.

Cover fees

Donors can choose to cover transaction fees which means your organization receives 100% of the donation

Branded pages

Online giving pages are branded with your organizations logo

Anonymous donations

For those donors who prefer, they can give anonymously

Native browser payment integrations

Donors can give by Apple Pay or Google Pay to approved organizations

Email receipts

Donors receive emailed receipts after each donation

The Dashboard

Get complete access to donor info and donations that come through GivApp. Access to reports and detailed donations info. The ability to publish content and messages to donors on the app. And more!


Quickly view a variety of helpful data from the home screen

Recent Activity

Access recent donations and donors with ease


View and organize reports using a variety of data filters


Create, track and close fundraising campaigns

Line Items

Create and track line items

Invoicing (coming soon)

Create, track and close invoices


Create and send in-app notifications to donors and fans

Publish Stories on the Bridge

Add articles and resources to the Bridge

Online Giving Integration

View online giving alongside app giving.

Payout Details

Access detailed breakdown of bank deposits

Point-of-Sale Integration

Connect to GivApp payment processing machines

DMS Integration (coming soon)

Fully integrated with the GivApp Donor Management System (DMS)

Donor Management System (Coming Soon)

Complete DMS solution for your organization.

Donor Profiles

Capture important donor contact information: address, phone numbers, email

Donor Notes

Create and view notes about donor details, correspondence, etc.


View historical donor activity

Household Donors

Link donors in the same household

Easy UI

Search for donors and gain quick access from any page

Quick Preview

Quickly view and access donor information through Modal view


Access detailed donor reports, and view and organize reports using a variety of data filters


Add donors who give in ways other than GivApp

Batch Upload

Our template makes it easy to upload current donors from Excel file

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