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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GivApp?

GivApp is a fundraising app for Christian nonprofit organizations. Primarily we enable individuals to giv the spare change from their monthly transactions to their favorite nonprofit organizations on the GivApp platform. Givers can also giv one time and recurring contributions.


How is my Spare Change calculated?

GivApp records the amount of each of the daily transactions you make from your bank. Many transactions do not add up to an even dollar amount like $1.00, $50.00 or $100.00. Often transactions have some amount of “change” left over. Every 30 days GivApp adds up the amount of “spare change” from each of those transactions. We then giv that “spare change” to the nonprofit you have selected.


When does my Spare Change get donated?

Each month, we will add up all of your Spare Change for the past month and send it to the nonprofit you have selected.   If your Spare Change amount is more than the monthly maximum amount you’ve set, then we will send your monthly maximum amount to your nonprofit.  This will occur on the same date as your first Spare Change transaction. So, if your first donation occurred on the 10th of the month, then your future donations will occur on the 10th.


What is a monthly maximum?

When you set up your account you have the ability to determine the maximum amount of spare change you giv each month.  For example, if you choose $25 as your monthly maximum but during the month of December (after your last minute Christmas shopping) your spare change equals $32, only $25 of your spare change will be given.


Is it possible to know what my average monthly spare change is?

When you are setting up your account we will tell you what your 30 day average is based on the past 90 days of transactions. But in case you are wondering the average user has about $30 of spare change per month.


Can any nonprofit use your app?

GivApp has chosen to focus on Christ centered, gospel driven nonprofits. While there are many fantastic nonprofits doing great work, we feel strongly compelled to partner with organizations with whom we share a common faith and vision. We also believe this allows us to provide excellent service and value to our partner organizations and their donors.


What if my favorite nonprofit isn’t on GivApp?

We would love for you to let us know!  You can do this directly in the app. When searching for your nonprofit, click the ‘Suggest A New Organization’ link.  We will reach out to the nonprofit and see if we can get them on the app so you can start giving them your Spare Change.

To search for a nonprofit after you have set up your account, go to the menu and select ‘My Favorites’.  You can select organizations currently on the app, as well as suggest those that aren’t.


Can I Giv to more than one nonprofit?

Absolutely!  Once you select the nonprofit to which you’ll be giving your “spare change”, you can giv one-time or recurring donations to any nonprofit you choose.  You can do one-time givs as often as you like. You can also set up multiple recurring givs. Simply go to the Menu, and select ‘Extra Givs’.


What type of accounts can be linked?

You can link any of your bank accounts and credit cards.  


What if I can’t find my bank or credit card company (and other account issues)?

In the rare instance that you can’t link your account, don’t fret!  We are here to help. Simply click the ‘Don’t see your bank?’ link, or always feel free to chat with us anywhere you see the chat button, or clicking ‘Help’ in the Menu.


How do I change my password?

Go to the Menu and click on your profile picture.  Then click the Reset Password link.


Are my Spare Change Givs tax deductible?

Yes!  All of your donations given through GivApp are tax deductible, to the extent permitted by law, just as they are when you give directly to your nonprofit organizations.  (Obligatory disclosure warning: we don’t give tax advice, so we recommend you consult a tax professional for specifics regarding your tax situation.)


How do fees work?

As the Giver, there are no fees for setting up an account or for giving to your nonprofit.   The nonprofit will pay a transaction fee on all givs to process and receive donations. At GivApp, our goal is to get as much donation funding to your nonprofit so they can carry out their mission.  We strive to keep fees for the nonprofit organization as low as possible.


Who is Plaid?

Plaid is the industry-leading company that gathers your bank and credit card transaction information.  We use Plaid to calculate your Spare Change donations. To find out more, click here.


Who is Stripe?

Stripe is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet.  What does that mean? Well, it means that your transactions will be processed by the same company that processes transactions for companies like Target, Lyft, Facebook, Amazon, and many more.  Stripe is the company that will process your donation and get it to your nonprofit. We take your security seriously, so we chose the best. To learn more about Stripe, click here.

Is it safe?

Yes it is.  We’ve partnered with the best firms we could find, and are using the best security measures available to ensure your peace of mind.  And ours as well (we want to sleep well too!) If you still want to read more, check out our terms and conditions here.


What if I need help?

Please reach out to us.  Click on the chat button anywhere in the app.  Or go to our website at GivApp.com and leave us a message.  We are here to help!


Where can I learn more?

Our website has all the info.  Visit GivApp.com and let us know what you think!  And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @giv_app.

Become a GivApp Nonprofit

By partnering with GivApp you’ll raise more funds for your organization, communicate easily and effectively with givers, and as a result, make a greater impact. To learn more about how your nonprofit can begin using GivApp, apply below.